Small Watermelon Peperomia
Small Watermelon Peperomia
Small Watermelon Peperomia
Small Watermelon Peperomia
Small Watermelon Peperomia

Small Watermelon Peperomia

Low light tolerant
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The watermelon peperomia a.k.a the watermelon begonia, or if you want to call it by its latin name, the  Peperomia Argyreia, is a rare, slow-growing plant native to South America. With its striking green rounded stripes and silver variegation, it resembles a watermelon, but is actually not closely related to either watermelons or begonias. Being that it's from a subtropical environment, it thrives in low to indirect bright light, moderate to high humidity, consistent moisture in the soil (but not soggy soil) and will grow up to 4-6 inches tall indoors. This makes them great to place on a desktop, bookcase, cubby or small nook in your home that is well-lit, but doesn't get direct light. If given enough light and love, they will produce green or pink flowering stems. Over time this plant may drop some leaves, but don’t be alarmed, this is just a natural occurrence in the plant's life cycle.
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