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Pet-friendly Trio

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Thinking about yours or your loved ones little (or big) furry babies in the plant department when gifting this year? Don’t look further, we have you covered with a pet-friendly plant bundle this season. These plants aren’t too harmful if ingested or deter animals, opening up more placement options. This bundle is full of holiday cheer, pet loves, and enchanting houseplants like the medium size Calathea Pinstripe, the Parlor Palm, and the Jade (money tree).

The Pinstripe’s striking foliage lights up any room you place it in, while the Parlor Palm gives it a lush, tropical feel. The glossy Money Tree switches up all styles by adding more modern, yet playful energy. All 3 plants are safe around your furry babies.

Delivered locally (NYC & NJ) or shipped nationwide!

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