Medium Silver Monstera
Medium Silver Monstera
Medium Silver Monstera
Medium Silver Monstera

Medium Silver Monstera

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Commonly known as the Seltene Monstera or the Monstera Siltepecana, this fast-growing vine is native to Mexico and Central America. Extravagant silvery-grey leaves are run through with dark green veins and grow as a whole leaf for most of the lifespan.  They will develop the typical Monstera fenestrations as the plant matures. Monsteras are toxic to pets and small children, so keep away from those who like to munch on leaves.

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The Silver monstera naturally grows in tropical rainforests, so much of the light it receives is shaded out by taller plants, meaning it can make do with a little less light. Place the monstera in a spot near a bright windowsill, close enough to be in there light, but not in the direct path of the sun's rays.


Monsteras love when their soil is consistently moist, but not left soaking wet. If you can feel that the soil is dry more than 2" deep, it's time to give the plant a nice thorough watering. Go slowly, until you see water draining from the bottom of the pot. Since these plants like humidity, you'll benefit from setting up a pebble tray under the pot.


You can easily propagate your plant by cutting 2 1/2-inch cuttings from the ends of a vine. Be sure to include a few leaves and nodes in the cutting! Leave in a jar of water until roots form and then plant into a small pot with fresh, well-draining soil. They are natural climbers and explorers, so you'll see a boost in new growth if you supply the plant with a moss pole or a trellis!

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