Medium Scindapsus &
Medium Scindapsus &
Medium Scindapsus &
Medium Scindapsus &

Medium Scindapsus 'Exotica' Splash

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Commonly known as the Silver Splash Pothos, this plant is actually of the scindapsus genus, not the pothos, although they look similar! It is native to Southeast Asia and with its large, heart-shaped, waxy leaves and intense silver and grey variegation, this fascinating plant will bring a jungle feel to your home as it vines down!

Being that it's from a subtropical/tropical environment, it thrives in low to indirect bright light, moderate to high humidity, warm temperatures and can vine/climb up to 3 ft. indoors. This makes them great for potting in hanging baskets and placing in a room that gets a decent amount of light! Over time this plant may lose some leaves and get leggy, but don’t be alarmed, this is just a natural occurrence in the plant's life cycle. It could also be trying to tell you it needs a change in its care routine!

Now you know everything there is about the Scindapsus 'Exotica' Splash, order this plant by 3PM est for next day arrival! We at Dahing Plants offer the best quality plants at a reasonable price, and since we're local, we eliminate the need to send your plant through shipping boxes and instead deliver with our very own van and driver for a guaranteed safe arrival! 

For any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Info@DahingPlants.Com or call (646)-649-5088!

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I purchased a Large Chinese Evergreen as a gift for a friend and she loved it. The blue planter looked exactly like the photo and worked perfectly with her decor. The delivery was extremely fast and their customer service was very responsive and polite. The plant looked beautiful and healthy. I plan to purchase one for myself! I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks again!

Brittney B
New York, NY

Delivery was fast and my plants arrived in perfect condition. Nice and healthy. I can't wait to make more purchases

New York, NY

She came in beautifully! best delivery I have gotten from ordering online. :) i’ve already ordered and received three more in amazing condition. thank you!

Isabella H
New Jersey

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