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Medium Philodendron 'White Knight'

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With heart-shaped leaves that boast vibrant green and mottled with white patches, it's not hard to see where the White Knight gets its name! Originally from South America, the White Knight is a tropical plant that loves to be near other plants in a bright, humid environment with regular misting. 

The Philodendron white knight thrives in indirect medium to bright sunlight and plenty of humidity. The best spot for light is near a window with a translucent curtain, direct sunlight can burn the delicate foliage, especially the white leaves and stems. If the plant remains too long in the shade or low light, a discoloration will form. Philodendrons need to have moisture during the wintery, dry weather. A schedule of regular misting will work, or you can place a bowl of water near the plants to keep moisture in the air.  Avoid placing these houseplants near air conditions and heating devices because Philodendron white knights dislike drafts. If not avoided, the plant grows unevenly — first the leaves, then the entire plant.

Watering the White Nights is also easy: give it a thorough drink when the top 2" of soil is dry to the touch. In the summer months, water them one to three times a week. In the winter, the Philodendron only needs to be watered once every two weeks or so. With a regular and consistent care schedule, a mature (3-5 years old) White Night might start to flower during the summer and spring!


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I purchased a Large Chinese Evergreen as a gift for a friend and she loved it. The blue planter looked exactly like the photo and worked perfectly with her decor. The delivery was extremely fast and their customer service was very responsive and polite. The plant looked beautiful and healthy. I plan to purchase one for myself! I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks again!

Brittney B
New York, NY

Delivery was fast and my plants arrived in perfect condition. Nice and healthy. I can't wait to make more purchases

New York, NY

She came in beautifully! best delivery I have gotten from ordering online. :) i’ve already ordered and received three more in amazing condition. thank you!

Isabella H
New Jersey

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