Medium Geogenanthus &
Medium Geogenanthus &
Medium Geogenanthus &
Medium Geogenanthus &
Medium Geogenanthus &

Medium Geogenanthus 'ciliatus'

Low light tolerant
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Plant size: the nursery pot is 6" in diameter.
Delivered locally to NY & NJ, safe arrival guaranteed :)
Order by today 3PM EST for guaranteed delivery tomorrow! (or any date you choose during checkout)
Keep in medium light to indirect bright light
Water every 10-14 days (when the first inch of the soil dries)
Pet-friendly ;)
Kept warm during transit, in our own van :)

The Geogenanthus (say it with me: jee-oh-je-NAN-thus sil-ee-ATE-us) features a palm-sized circular dark purple leaf, color almost like the rubber plant as we all know it, but not quite the same.

See, Gregory has a luxury shine to the leaves and a dark base highlighted with it's purple "veins", much like, this text and background combination ;)

Okay enough with the leaves, Gregory is native to Ecuador and Peru, where it spends its days at the grounds of the rainforest. So it is fairly forgiving of low light conditions. Something that I do notice about Gregory is that, it's kind of a drama queen like the peace lilies. We've had this plant in our greenhouse for the past 2 week ish? And I had to resuscitate this plant group 2 times already (once just before this email, mouth to mouth and everything) but like the peace lilies, the leaves wilt when needs water but perks back up after some TLC, and by TLC I mean water.

Other than that, Gregory supposedly just needs a little balanced fertilizer during the spring and of course it loves the humidity!

Have you fell head over heels with Gregory yet? Well you can have him delivered locally to you tomorrow where it'll stay toasty in our very flashy sprinters van!

Get yours while you still can!

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