Medium Calathea Orbifolia
Medium Calathea Orbifolia
Medium Calathea Orbifolia
Medium Calathea Orbifolia

Medium Calathea Orbifolia

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Plant size: the nursery pot is 6" in diameter.
Delivered locally to NY & NJ, safe arrival guaranteed :)
Delivered tomorrow if ordered before 3PM EST (or any date you choose during checkout)
Keep in medium light to indirect bright light
Water every 10-14 days (when the first inch of the soil dries)
Pet-friendly ;)
Kept warm during transit, in our own van :)
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The Calathea Orbifolia has beautifully shaped, round foliage with silvery-green stripes on them. This unique appearance makes it a favorite among seasoned plant parents, and adds wonderful variation to your personal collection. Its circular leaves can grow to over a foot wide (wow!)

Originating from South America, the Orbifolia enjoys medium light, high humidity and well-drained soil. Although beautiful, these plants require a moderate amount of attention to keep their gorgeous leaves happy! Because they are tropical, most homes are too dry for them. If your Orbifolia starts to get a little crunchy, try adding a humidifier to the room. Give them enough TLC and you might be surprised with a flower! 

Like many Calathea, the Orbifolia folds its' leaves up at night and unfolds them in the morning, so don't worry if you see this happen! This is a natural process called nyctinasty. They are often referred to as a prayer plant because of this process. 

Overall, the Orbifolia is a real show-stopper. Order your Orbifolia today and get it delivered tomorrow!

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