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Large Schefflera 'Arboricola' Variegated

Regular price$60.00
Plant size: the nursery pot is 10" in diameter.
Delivered locally with our own van :)
Delivered tomorrow if ordered before 3PM est, Sunday deliveries now available!
Keep in indirect to direct bright light
Water thoroughly every 2 weeks (when the first 2 inches of soil dries)
Not pet-friendly

The variegated Schefflera Arboricola is also referred to as the Umbrella Plant because of the sloped, hanging leaves that drape in a round, outward fashion, like an umbrella. The variegated Arboricola here at Dahing Plants looks a lot different than its non-variegated counterpart. While you can enjoy the dependable, solid emerald hues the other Arboricola has, this beauty has snazzy, vibrantly yellow leaves splashed in with the green, so it looks like faded patches of cream and lime swirled  together. They’re about 4 feet in height and the leaves stretch about a foot wide. The scientific name of this plant is the Brassaia actinophylla, and hails from the tropics Australia, New Guinea, and Java. Other common names for this plant are the Queensland Umbrella Tree, Octopus Tree, and Amate. Ready to take this one home?

Large Schefflera Arboricola (Variegated) Benefits

Besides the jolt of yellow color from the variegated type of Arboricola, Schefflera are tough and can live over 30 years when taken care of. Additionally, much like most other plants, these can suck up harmful toxins from the environment and distribute clean air as a replacement. This exchange of air can help people feel better, think more clearly, and be more productive. Put this beauty in your workspace ASAP.

Did It Just Rain?

Perched throughout the thick, sage-colored trunk, are the Aboricola’s shiny, ornamental leaves. They are cute, dainty, and when the sun hits them perfectly, the glossy foliage looks like it was gently sprayed with a warm, summer drizzle.

Little Bananas

Schefflera have a magnetic assortment of yellow-cream and forest green hues on their leaves and stems that liven up any entertainment room or office. The boat-shaped leaves seem to shrivel and twist inward a little, making the cream and gold ones look like mini bananas hanging from a tree when you look at them from a distance.

Plastic Flowers

The variegated Schefflera Arboricola leaves and striking foliage really steal the show. Besides their striking leaf colors, Arboricola foliage also looks like little, plastic flowers. Petal-esque leaves also feather out in a circle like daisies do. This beauty looks a lot like a tall, tree-bush that sprouted yellow and green, plastic blooms just for your enjoyment. Time to bring it home for good.

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