Large Mass Cane
Large Mass Cane
Large Mass Cane
Large Mass Cane
Large Mass Cane

Large Mass Cane

Regular price$60.00
Plant size: the nursery pot is 10" in diameter.
Delivered locally with our own van :)
Delivered tomorrow if ordered before 3PM est, Sunday deliveries now available!
Keep in medium light to indirect bright light
Water thoroughly every 2 weeks (when the first 2 inches of soil dries)
Not pet-friendly

Also known as the Dracaena Massangeana or Dracaena fragrans, nationwide customers can have the large size Mass Cane plant delivered to their homes as Pafe Plants ships nationwide, free of charge! Why not? It’s strikingly gorgeous. Other names for this lush beauty are striped dracaena or corn plant because of its appearance. It gives off palm tree vibes and brings the tropics indoors. The Mass Cane is native to the tropics of Africa, where it can grow over 50 feet, unlike it’s houseplant counterpart. Now you can see what it’ll look like in your home with our new AR feature. Just point your phone’s camera on our website and click. Large houseplants you order for delivery also come in green-friendly packaging, just like their cargo. Pafe Plants has got your back.


Mass Cane Benefits

Reports have shown that the Mass Cane has improved concentration in focus in rooms it’s placed in. It can also remove air toxins from the environment around it. Some toxins include lead, formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide to name a few.

Corn Plant

Dracaena fragrans has a couple of nicknames that are related to its appearance. The ‘Mass Cane’ and ‘Corn Plant’ nicknames both refer to the plants' treelike ‘canes’or branches that point straight up, like a corn stalk. The glossy leaves also contribute to the nicknames because of their bright colors. With yellow and lime green hues outlined by emerald green lines on the outside of the leaf, they tend to look like ears of corn before they are shucked.


Thinking about gifting your friend with a new plant? The Mass Cane is a great choice for any plant owner, new or veteran. For those forgetful folks, if you don’t water it a couple of times, it probably won’t notice. The Cane is also pretty agreeable in terms of lighting, as it can adjust to most levels of light pretty easily.

It’s a Dragon!

Our Mass Cane has a name as grand as the fiery night sky. The word ‘Dracaena’ means ‘female dragon’ and originates from ancient Greece. When considering the Cane’s majestic appearance, the name makes sense. The leaves are long and sharp, like swords, and the hardy, tree-like trunks look like dragon scales with scattered shades of cream, brown, and forest green.

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