Large Dracaena Marginata
Large Dracaena Marginata
Large Dracaena Marginata
Large Dracaena Marginata

Large Dracaena Marginata

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The number of varying Dracaena species seems to be growing. We will now introduce the large Dracaena Marginata here at Dahing Plants. It’s already about 5 feet tall, with leaves that stretch a little less than two feet wide. It’s a pretty cute tropical floor plant that has an assortment of rich green colors for your guests to feast their eyes on. Sometimes people fondly refer to the Marginata as the red-edge dracaena because of how its leaves are outlined with maroon paint. Dracaena Marginata have a few different looks too, with this one featuring sacramento green leaves, faint cream lines in the center, and a red outline. While other Marginata leaves are solid green with no variation or outline.  

Dracaena Marginata Benefits

Marginata are great at ridding the room of harmful air toxins and replacing them with clean air. This constant air flow reduces fatigue and can boost productivity. On top of that, these houseplants release moisture back into the environment. Pair Dracaena with your humidity craving plants and it will make for a nice exchange of resources. Want to double down on the humidity in the room? Buy more plants. We have a pretty big selection of Dracaena for you to check out after you’ve brought home your Marginata. We have the Reflexa, Janet Craig, Compacta, and Dorado plants (among others) here at Dahing Plants, and they all have their own unique personalities just ready to make themselves at your home.

Porcupine Backs

Marginata have long, thin, pointed leaves that stick out in odd angles. The wispy leaves clump up and get dense like small bushes or shrubs, so they look like the backs of porcupines perched on a trunk. While the leaves look sharp and jagged at a glance, try touching them. They are just as soft as normal leaves and won’t leave a mark.

Dragon Tree

Also known as the Madagascar Dragon Tree for it’s striking looks, the Marginata is a plant to be reckoned with. The leaves can either look like dragons spikes, claws, teeth, and even fire. Dracaena Marginata houseplants just scream ‘Dragon’ the moment you lay your eyes on them.

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