Large Dracaena Janet Lind
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Large Dracaena Janet Lind

Regular price$170.00
Plant size: the nursery pot is 10" in diameter.
Delivered locally with our own van :)
Delivered tomorrow if ordered before 3PM est, Sunday deliveries now available!
Keep in medium light to indirect bright light
Water thoroughly every 2 weeks (when the first 2 inches of soil dries)
Not pet-friendly

Native to southeast Africa, the Janet lind's full name is the Dracaena dermensis. Making a gorgeous floor plant, our large janet lind comes from a large family. Dracaena have over 40 different species, each beautiful in their own ways. Want to see for yourself? Check out the other snazzy Dracaena here at Pafe Plants, our NYC / NJ customers just love them! We’ve got Dracaena Marginata, Janet Craig, Lisa Cane, Lemon Lime, Reflexa, Carmen, Tarzan Branch, Dorado, and Compacta to satisfy your thirst.

Janet Lind Benefits

Houseplants always come packed with healthy benefits. Janet lind can do a good job of detoxifying the air. While it absorbs nasty things like Carbon Dioxide, it will let out pure oxygen. This keeps air fresh and can boost productivity too. Not to mention this houseplant is relatively easy to take care of, making it a fantastic gift to beginner plant parents.

Just Chilln’

Janet Lind really knows how to just chill out. It’s long, narrow, leaves slope downwards delicately, giving the houseplant a chillaxed look. Not to mention houseplants just naturally make people feel more relaxed anyway. Double whammy. The plant is also pretty low maintenance, making it even cooler than ever.

Palm Tree Vibes

If you’re looking for a lush, tropical look with a houseplant that looks kinda like a palm tree, look no further. Oddly specific? Aren’t we all though? Our NYC / NJ customers love the look of the Large Dracaena Janet Lind, with dark sacramento green foliage that drapes over in an arch, much like the fanned palm tree leaves. Want to check out Pafe Plant’s collection of actual palm houseplants? Cool. We gotchu. Look at our Parlor, Cat, Ponytail, Sago, Lady, and Bamboo palms and branch out. 

Trunks and Things

Lind has some pretty thick, sea green stems that look like narrow, tube-like tree trunks from far away. This houseplant can get kinda tall, with heights to approximately 8 feet under the right circumstances. Linda also grows pretty slowly, but can pick up some speed with good levels of lighting and temperature.  Shoot us a text if you want some tips on how to make your Janet Lind Cane thrive.

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