Housewarming Jungle Pack

Housewarming Jungle Pack

Low light tolerant
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Delivered locally to NY & NJ, safe arrival guaranteed :)
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Not pet-friendly
All shade tolerant plants
Care info for each plant will be included
Kept warm during transit, in our own van :)

Have a good friend who recently made the move to a new place? We’ve got the perfect housewarming gift idea for you! Pafe Plants is now putting together vibrant Housewarming Gift Bundles for any occasion. Let us get your future plant buddy feeling right at home as fast as possible. 

Our sensational Housewarming Gift Bundle will spruce up your friend’s place with new plants while making the new digs truly their own. The housewarming starter pack includes a Medium Peace Lily, Medium Helix Ivy, & Medium Snake Plant as desktop plants, and a Large Chinese Evergreen 'maria' along with a Full Size Dracaena Marginata as floor plants. All 5 of the plants are great for a new place because of the air purifying ability they have (by removing air toxins such as VOCs- which are commonly found in new places).

What are you waiting for? Be the person everyone invites to their housewarming parties. We’ll do the heavy lifting by delivering this plant locally (NYC/NJ) tomorrow!

There is an option to add a gift note, ribbon, or care instruction in the cart page under "Gift Notes & Others"!

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