Hanging Hoya Hindu Rope (Carnosa Compacta)
Hanging Hoya Hindu Rope (Carnosa Compacta)
Hanging Hoya Hindu Rope (Carnosa Compacta)
Hanging Hoya Hindu Rope (Carnosa Compacta)

Hanging Hoya Hindu Rope (Carnosa Compacta)

Rare find
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Plant size: the nursery pot is 7.5" in diameter.
Delivered locally to NY & NJ, safe arrival guaranteed :)
Delivered tomorrow if ordered before 3PM EST (or any date you choose during checkout)
Keep in medium light to indirect bright light
Water thoroughly every 2 weeks (when the first 2 inches of soil dries)
Pet-friendly ;)
Kept warm during transit, in our own van :)
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Hoya carnosa compacta aka the Hindu rope plant, Krinkle Kurl, porcelain flower, and wax plant. Each of these different names highlights a distinctive characteristic of this unique plant but they are all describing the Hoya Carnosa Compacta.

In Dahing Plant's greenhouse, the Hindu Rope Plant's draping vines resemble thick ropes with their crowded, contorted, and curly leaves. These fleshy, curled, and succulent-like leaves, which are a combination of solid green, white, and sometimes pink, have an attractive glossy and waxy appearance. And oh, their star-shaped flowers are also often waxy- they are so delightfully perfect, as if they are made of porcelain.  

Every Dahing's Fan loves the Hoya carnosa compacta because the plant is great for hanging pots and ledges that will show off its verdant trailing vines.

With little effort, you can enjoy the Hindu rope plant’s remarkable colorful and unique foliage for many, many years – even decades! And with just a little more patience and diligence, you will be rewarded with its exquisite flower clusters. 

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