Full Size Dracaena Tarzan Branch
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Full Size Dracaena Tarzan Branch

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Another striking addition to the Dracaena group, the full-size Dracaena Tarzan is already about 5 feet tall and two feet wide. It makes a fantastic floor plant while adding tropical spice to any room, as long as there’s a decent amount of bright light. Sometimes called the red-edge dracaena because of it’s leaf coloration, the Marginata has a few different variations in its form. This one has solid-colored leaves that are green with red outlines, while other variations of Dracaena Marginata feature green and pink striped hues or varying trunk structure.

Dracaena Marginata Benefits

The Dracaena’s are one of the best houseplants for cleaning the environment around it. It will absorb airborne toxins and replace them with pure air. This helps reduce stagnancy and boost energy levels. This also helps reduce fatigue, coughs, and can help with sinus issues.

A Jolt of Electricity

Marginata’s have electric leaves for more reasons than their lime and yellow-green shades. The foliage jolts outwards at odd angles like electricity, with no rhyme or reason. Their dense centers and jagged tips pouring out at obscure angles like thick, thunderous clouds spewing rods of electricity.

Collect Them All

You gotta’ catch ‘em all! Just kidding, this is a plant, not a Pokemon. But there are several different Dracaena types we have in our store for you to catch...and consider buying. After you’ve bought the Marginata, you should check out our whimsical braided Marginata which features several trunks elegently braided together. Not to mention all the other stunning Dracaena’s we have. Want to know their names? We have Reflexa, Janet Craig, Compacta, and Dorado plants and they all have their own unique vibes just ready to enchant your home. Collect them all before they sell out.   

One of Several Dragon Trees

The Dracaena Marginata has a bold reputation and is also known as the Madagascar Dragon Tree. Its sibling the Dracaena Draco (meaning Dragon), even seeps red resin when it’s cut in certain places, making it feel even more dragon-like. But that’s only the Draco, the Marginata doesn’t do that. Other things that give this plant dragon vibes are its striking foliage. The wispy leaves have lines of rich emerald and lime greens paired with dark maroon highlights that shoot out like fire.

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