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Easy Care Trio

Low light tolerant
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We’re getting the easy care bundle ready for the holidays! Do you have some family members or friends who like plants but just don’t quite have the green thumb they’d always hoped for? Help them out a little by getting them the gift of the easy-care bundle. This includes plants from our greenhouse including the Medium ZZ, the Snake Plant, and the Marble Queen Pothos. Giving a resilient variety of plants like these to your loved ones will show them you care while helping them decorate their home. 

The ZZ plant’s rich, green feathery appearance adds to its charm, while the Snake Plant’s tall, slender, frame lends it some sleekness. The Marble Queen Pothos ties it all together with an air of excellence in her splash of cream and lime green hues.

Delivered locally (NYC & NJ) or shipped nationwide! Comes with care instructions for each of the plants.

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