New Place Starter Pack

New Place Starter Pack

Low light tolerant
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Not pet-friendly
All shade tolerant plants
Care info for each plant will be included
Kept warm during transit, in our own van :)

Making the move to a new place comes with its challenges. Moving can be stressful and a bit scary sometimes, especially if you’re with brand new roommates or living alone for the first time. Pafe Plants can relieve some of those issues and help you feel right at home. We’ve put together bundles that'll help the transition run more smoothly. 

Houseplants are known for their ability to purify the air around them, which has more unseen benefits besides the natural health boost that comes with breathing air that’s pure. A cleaner environment can also help relieve stress, boost mood, and calms you down. Not to mention the plant beauties help improve the aesthetics of your new place! Let Pafe Plants get you settled in properly with our New Place Plant Bundles that our staffs put together!

The starter pack includes: Medium Peace Lily, Medium Snake Plants, and a Medium Helix Ivy as desktop plants. These plants are very easy care and are proven to remove VOCs (an air toxin found in new places) from the air.

Pair it up with our modern planter selections to get it re-potted for free and arriving ready to go!

2 Day local delivery is available in the NYC/NJ area, we also offer 5-7 day nationwide shipping for free.

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