Large Chinese Evergreen &

Large Chinese Evergreen 'Maria'

Regular price$50.00
Plant size: the nursery pot is 10" in diameter.
Delivered locally with our own van :)
Delivered tomorrow if ordered before 3PM est, Sunday deliveries now available!
Keep anywhere from low light to indirect bright light.
Water thoroughly every 2 weeks (when the first 2 inches of soil dries)
Not pet-friendly

It really feels like you’re in a budding jungle when you bring home our Large Aglaonema Maria houseplant, a rich, forest green gem that has long, narrow leaves with different shaped lime green markings on the middle of the leaf moving outward. It also has thick, sacramento green stems that jut out at odd angles, giving the Maria a fun, wavy appearance. Be prepared to use our handy AR feature to see what this plant will look like in your room before you even buy it. We also offer nationwide shipping to residences all around the US, so you don’t ever have to leave the comfort of your home if you don’t want to. Large houseplants sent out for delivery also get the luxury of being thoughtfully wrapped in packaging that contains environmentally friendly materials.

Aglaonema Maria Benefits

Maria is a laid-back beauty that doesn’t require a lot of hassle. A great easy-care plant, Maria would be a thoughtful gift to your beginner plant buddies. Other benefits of the Aglaonema include its ability to clean air and boost energy. The energy comes naturally when people breathe in cleaner oxygen, and Aglaonema houseplants help to do just that. When the plant goes through photosynthesis, it absorbs carbon dioxide and other air toxins and replaces them with pure air. The more Aglaonema's you have, the easier it is for them to clean the air in the room they're placed in.

Water Droplets

The long, winding foliage looks like the ripples of a river, paired with the splash of lime markings on the leaves that look as if water droplets have fallen. Their bright, cream coloring together with the dark green leaf backs looks like it’s being brightened by the sun's rays shining through the open spots of lush canopies nearby.

Greek Roots

Maria’s first name, Aglaonema comes from the Greek words ‘aglaos’, which means bright, shiny, or clear, while ‘nema’ means long, and thin or some variation of those words. All the Aglaonema varieties maintain these features. While they differ in leaf variegation, they all maintain the tall, shiny leaves we know and love.

Many Different Types

The Chinese Evergreen Maria is one of 20 different species of leafy perennials that come from Asia. What we love about perennials is that they show up at different times of the year, so if you have multiples, you can have healthy plants all year around. Other Aglaonema you can find here is the Aglaonema Cutlass, Red, Sombat Siam, and Silver Bay. Why don’t you collect them all? We even have individual planters available ranging from cool to cute for you to choose from.

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