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Huge Ficus 'Benjamina'

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Commonly known as the weeping fig, it’s native range is from India to northern Australia where it’s grown widely as an ornamental tree or hedge, or as a bonsai. With its drooping, wavy, bright green leaves it symbolizes peace, abundance,unity and universal understanding.

Being that it's from a tropical environment, it thrives in bright indirect light (but not direct light), warm temperatures above 60°F, high humidity and will grow up to 3-6 ft. indoors. This makes them great for bright rooms such as a sunroom or any big, bright room in your home.

Over time this plant may drop its leaves, but don’t be alarmed, this is just a natural occurrence in the plant's life cycle. But check the plant occasionally because these guys are pretty finicky and there are a few other reasons it may drop its leaves. These are due to under or overwatering, low humidity, too little light, and relocation or repotting. As long as you give the benjamina a good amount of love and attention, it will thrive in your home!

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