Here are 5 plants that will blow you away

Mother nature never fails to amaze us in so many ways, but today we're going to look at 5 unique funny-looking plants that would make your day!

The Dancing Girls Impatiens

Hubba Hubba

The dancing girl impatiens or impatiens bequaertii is a rare species originating from the rainforest of east africa! It looks like a lady with a skirt about to take a bow after a performance...
more about the plant here:


Mrs.Kissy Plant A.K.A Kissing Lips Plant

Anybody that can't find love, here ya go!

The first time I saw this plant I thought it was photoshopped... until I got kissed in the face with it! The red "lips" you see in the picture actually is the form of the plant before the flower emerges. Tiny, white, star shaped flowers would emerge when it matures.
more about the care info here:


Peter The Pepper Does It Better ;)

I was today years old when I found out this is what a circumcised penis looks like....

Getting a little hot in here, who turned the heat up? We're all mature, this is a penis pepper. Or chilly willy if you may.. Guys keep this plant in your apartment at all cost if you catch my drift ;0
Yea other than the shape, the origins of this plant is actually unknown, but it is most commonly grown in East Texas and Louisiana 
aaand, this is my new wallpaper ;)
more about the care info here:


The Devil's Tooth

Show this to your 5 year old, this is what happens when you eat too much cotton candy

This is the weirdest looking fungus in the world, tell me this doesn't look like a cotton candy.
more about the care info here:


The Asian Watermeal

oh don't mind me just taking my daily protein bar from this lake 


The "wolffia globosa, aka Asian watermeal" is known as the world smallest fruits and is in the que to potentially be the next big thing! The Asian watermeal grows easily in water, and actually purifies any body of water it grows in. It grows very easily and is filled with protein and omega-3 fatty acid making it a great healthy food source! And, Gluten Free ;)
more about the care info here:

These five plants have certainly amazed me, and proves how amazing nature is. Hopefully this lightened up your day and next time you're feeling hungry, perhaps have a mouthful of the Asian watermeal, or you know, peter's pepper? ;)
Comment down below what plants amazes you the most!

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