Why bother with a 'green' office?

Biophilia is the human desire or tendency to commune with nature. It's a relatively new discovery, where humans who spend time in nature are noticeably more at peace and content than those who are devoid of it. Biophilia teaches us that bringing plants into the workplace offers more than just some nice aesthetics. Offices that strategically include plants in the design have happier and healthier employees.

Research shows us that people who work in darker and noisier environments have higher stress levels than those who work in a brighter, quieter office. Creating a warm and welcoming environment for employees with natural aspects like potted plants is the perfect way to provide opportunities for employees to connect.  


Growing in the concrete jungle

Manhattan is strife with lean offices and open spaces, giving employees less to connect with. Green offices are more likely to quickly fill open positions; when people see greenery that is thriving, they assume their employers will care for them just as much as they do the plants. People who are proud of their workplace will talk about it, and they will most likely encourage their friends to apply to open positions. New employees that are hired based on personal referrals come with a social connection already secured. Employees who feel like they connect with their coworkers are more likely to be engaged in their work throughout the day. 

While office plants can provide an opportunity for coworkers to connect, strategically placed floor plants and potted greenery can also provide private and meditative spaces, without the abruptness of a closed door. When we have privacy, we are 1.7 times more likely to take an active approach to our jobs. 


Make the trip worth it!

Commuting to work is slowly coming back, but offices are still fighting against the draw of an employee's own home. According to The Guardian, bare offices are "the most toxic spaces" in which someone can work. By upgrading the office aesthetics with real foliage and beautiful floor plants, the office is given a friendlier, warmer aura. When given a moment to interact with their surroundings, employees are happier and perform better. Even placing just one plant every three feet or so can lead to an increase in employee performance. 

We spend more than one third of our lives at work, we deserve to work in a space that is inviting and makes us feel happy. 


Find the right foliage for your office to make employees happier, healthier, and livelier! Click here to book a free consultation with one of our plant experts so we can find the perfect plants together.





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