It's time to add some bud(dy)s to the office!

"The 'lean' (office) philosophy has been influential across a wide range of organizational domains... Sometimes less is just less." 

- Professor Alex Haslam, University of Queensland's School of Psychology

Plants + The Office = Creativity + Positivity!

The impact of including plants in office decor and other workplace environments is incredible, with the most important result being an increase in productivity and creativity. A UK study has found that bringing plants into the office increases productivity by at least 15 percent! Utilizing creativity at work presents employees with the opportunities to quickly and more efficiently overcome more difficult tasks.

Studies show that higher levels of creativity and productivity lead to an increase in sales, improved customer service, and less operational mistakes. Greenery in the office has been proven to increase workplace satisfaction and perceived air quality, making employees feel more physically, cognitively, and emotionally involved in their work. When we feel comfortable and happy in our environment, our work gets done faster and more efficiently.

'Lean' versus 'Green' offices

Most Manhattan offices are considered 'lean'. The design relies on an open concept, with concrete or cinderblock walls and limited window space with almost no sunlight. A 'green' office utilizes large floor plants and other foliage/natural design points to help employees engage with nature more often. Adding plants and greenery to an originally 'lean' design brings a warm and welcoming energy to an otherwise cold space. The country's most successful companies - like Apple, Google, Amazon - have all included nature in their office designs.

Employees working in a 'green' office report to being more engaged with their work, as well as having better attention spans and less anxiety. Greener environments can lead to a 26% boost in cognition, and even 30% fewer sick days taken! A US-based study found that over ten percent of employee sick days can be solved with more interactions with greenery. Natural environments give us a sense of relaxation and tranquility, giving employees an opportunity to relax and settle into their work.

The connection between humans and nature is not something we should ignore. Research shows that when we are interacting with nature, humans are more relaxed, happier, and less stressed. Adding plants to the office decor gives employees the opportunity to relax, increasing their sense of creativity and productivity.


Considering a greener office? Great! Book a free consultation with one of our resident plant experts to find which plants are best for your workplace.




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