Full Size Areca Palm
Full Size Areca Palm
Full Size Areca Palm
Full Size Areca Palm
Full Size Areca Palm

Full Size Areca Palm

Regular price$130.00
Plant size: the nursery pot is 14" in diameter.
Delivered locally with our own van :)
Delivered tomorrow if ordered before 3PM est, Sunday deliveries now available!
Keep in medium light to indirect bright light
Water thoroughly every 3 weeks (when the first 2-3 inches of the soil dries)
Pet-friendly ;)

Scientifically known as the Dypsis lutescens, our full-size Areca Palm is a tropical beauty that keeps customers coming back for more. Other fun nicknames for the Areca Palm include the bamboo, butterfly, golden cane, or yellow palm. While some may think the ‘Golden Cane’ and ‘Yellow’ nicknames are referring to the plant’s foliage, the names are actually in reference to the houseplant’s thick stems, which sometimes have tones of yellow amidst the sea of green. The full-size Areca Palm is a tall houseplant that can grow approximately 6 and 7 feet tall. (Each Areca Palm is different though, so not all will be exactly this size). We offer 2-day local delivery to areas in NY and NJ on this beauty, and you can even use our AR feature on your smartphone to see what the plant will look like in your home before it even gets there! Love Palms and want to see more? We also have the gorgeous Cat, Parlor, Ponytail, and Lady palms available for purchase. Check them out ASAP!

Areca Palm Benefits

When grown outside, Areca Palms can get a lot bigger and denser than their houseplant counterparts. Some people will even utilize these palms as privacy screens in their yards since their dense foliage can get really good at blocking those prying eyes. Adding to that cool perk, houseplants are pretty good at purifying the air by removing harmful air toxins from the surrounding environment.

Rich Coloration

The Areca Palm makes a much-needed lowlight in a sea of vibrant, electric, houseplants that are commanding attention with their neon yellow or lime hues. To balance out the loudness that can sometimes happen with jungle plants, add an Areca Palm to the mix. The rich, pine and forest green shades will add the necessary calm that can really help other plants stand out without being too stimulating to onlookers.

Tropical Bamboo Fans

Bring the jungle into your home when you buy an Areca Palm (or two). The houseplants’ tall, feather-like foliage spills outward, leaning into the tropical fan look. Customers love how a healthy Areca Palm’s leaves grow over each other, making a dense, clump of palms with slim fronds that look like bamboo leaves. We also have an actual Bamboo Palm within our midst, which looks a lot like the Areca, except the leaves are much longer, thinner, and wispier, check it out! If you like palm houseplants that look like tropical fans, the Sago Palm may satisfy your itch.

Good Luck

Besides their stunning, tropical looks, these palms are also known for luck. Some people believe Areca Palms can cause wealth and peace to those living in the same house.

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