Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at This text can be changed by going to Design & Settings > Global Settings > Intro Text.


Of course you can!

There is an option at checkout to leave a gift note, but if you missed it - don't worry! Email us at with your special gift message! 

Our notes are all handwritten so, for the sake of our hands, please keep your messages to a maximum of 100 characters.

Nope! Unless you've requested for a gift message or care instructions to be included, we only deliver plants to our customers. 

Order slips and invoices are delivered or emailed to customers upon request only. 

All orders placed before 3pmMon-Fri will arrive the next day! You will be emailed a delivery window the morning of the expected delivery date. If you do not recieve an email by 10am on the delivery date, send us an email at or a text us at 609-968-7063.



We deliver locally to the 5 boroughs of New York City and selected parts of NJ. To find out if you're a part of that area, enter your zipcode into our delivery zone checker here.

If you are outside of the delivery zone, maybe we can figure something out! Send us an email at with your desired order and your zip code. 

If you notice an issue with your new plant, we like to recommend waiting a few weeks to let the plants acclimate to their new homes. Plants need time to get used to their new surroundings, especially when they're getting moved from a warm and humid greenhouse to a home or apartment. Sometimes plants will droop, or they'll drop a bloom or a leaf or two. This is nothing to worry about! Depending on the plant, the season, the length of the delivery trip, and their new environments, plants can take anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks to get used to their new homes. 

Of course, if you notice something that you don't think can wait - send us an email at with photos of the full plant as well as the affected areas and we'll find a solution together. 


Of course you can! Our greenhouse is open 9-3pm Monday - Friday and we are located at 707 Sampton Avenue, South Plainfield NJ 07080

If you notice that something is irrevocably wrong with your plant, send us an email at with your order number or the email you used to place the order, photos of the full plant, and the specific areas with which you have an issue. From there, we can provide a couple solutions: 

  1. We can swap the plant. Our driver will come out to you with a new plant and you will give him the items that need swapping.
  2. We can take the plant back. Sometimes things happen, we get it. If you decide you really cannot even fathom having this plant in your space anymore, we can give you store credit for the price of the item and our delivery team will come out to you to grab the order. 

All swaps and pickups will be scheduled for the upcoming Monday or Saturday, whichever works best for you.

We are lucky enough to see a fast turnaround when it comes to taking inventory photos and fulfilling orders. Due to this, the inventory photos are there so you can see the average plant we have in stock and what you can expect to see in your order - but we promise we're picking the best plants for you! 

We are lucky enough to have busy delivery routes for our drivers. Since we need to stick to a strict timeline as well as various strict city guidelines, our drivers will deliver the plants to your lobby. If you need help bringing your order upstairs, let us know in the delivery notes section of your order.  Orders with 6-9 foot tall plants will be taken upstairs by default. 

We understand that NYC apartments can be funky, so if your building requires that a specific routine be followed for delivery, please email us at and let us know! 


We've found that when describing lighting for plants, the light is best organized into 4 categories: bright & direct, bright & indirect, indirect light, and low light.

Bright & direct light is what comes in directly from the window with nothing blocking it. Cacti and snake plants like this kind of light. 

Bright & indirect light is the light that shines through a translucent curtain, or is bounced off from a nearby wall. It's bright, but not burning bright. Ficus trees and Birds of Paradise like this kind of light.

Indirect light is the light you get from a window on the other side of the room, or from a north-facing window. Monsteras and bamboo palms like this light. 

Low light is like the light that you see in a bright hallway even though there are no windows in the hallway and the light isn't on. Money trees and peace lilies do well in this light.